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  • History: Mr. Paul Koehmstedt was a former mayor of Minto ND and was very community minded with a love for heritage. Paul Koehmstedt past away on January 8th 2005. His bequest was to provide the capital needed for 75 percent of a community center in Minto ND, if the community would support the other 25 percent. It is our goal to provide the 25 percent asked for to complete the project. During our public meeting explaining in detail his generous gift to the community a comment was made from the floor. “If someone who worked his whole life is willing to give it to the community, we the community have a obligation to come up with the 25 percent and be proud to do so”.
  • Mission and Goals: To bring all the organizations under one roof. Provide a facility for Wedding Dances, Anniversary parties, Graduations, Rummage sales, Meetings, Elections, Shows, Polka Fests, Festivals, and Club benefits.
  • Current Programs: The Minto community Center will be a non-profit charitable entity.
  • Building and Finance committee:
    Brad Narloch is a Farmer, Trust officer and personal Rep of Paul Koehmstedt.
    Jerry Misialek is owner of Minto Electric.
    Ellen Misialek is an office manager at Harriston Industries.
    Ron Ophaug is the President of The Bank of Minto.
    John Gudajtes is a Farmer.
    Chris Misialek is the owner of Harvey Avenue Saloon.


  • Situation:
    • To provide a handicapped accessible center for all organizations and functions for the future.
    • A public meeting for input was held. Also several meetings were held with each organization to assess the needs of each.
  • Activities:
    • Goals: To provide a facility for, Wedding Dances, Anniversary parties, Graduations, Rummage sales, Meetings, Elections, Shows, Polka Fests, Festivals, and Club benefits. Also to further local economic development.
    • Meet our Goals: Strong capital commitment level from individuals and organizations. A user fee listing will be implemented for the use of the facility.
    • Specific activities: A portion of the 25 percent matching capital needed for the three-phase community center project.
    • Carry out activities: The building and Finance committee will carry out the construction and the operations of the center.
    • Benefit the Community: Having all the organizations under one roof will eliminate building maintenance and monthly operating cost. Minto has a legion building and a seniors building, which are costly to heat and are in need for a lot of maintenance. These buildings and its monthly cost will be eliminated. We will be hiring a Janitor and an Activities director, which will provide jobs.
    • Long Term funding: The center has capital commitment for individual dedicated rooms within the center. These dedicated rooms will provide a secure space for there stuff. The city of Minto will also lease an office area.
    • Additional funds: Otto Bremer and Ottertail Power.


  • Criteria for success: We are promoting our community to utilize our local
    Merchants and provide economic development for our future.
  • Measure changes: Our building and finance committee will continue to have
    meetings with the public for input.


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